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Peter Krogh NDSA Award

Posted by Robert Edwards on July 26, 2012 in Blog |

Congratulations to Peter Krogh who has been acknowledged by the US Library of Congress with an Individual Innovation Award. The National Digital Stewardship Alliance presented the award in recognition “for his work on The DAM Book, the dpBestflow website and as a special advisor to the Shutha project, each of which have helped raise awareness and make […]

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Farewell Rob Galbraith dot com

Posted by Robert Edwards on July 19, 2012 in Blog |

As well as a talented photojournalist Rob Galbraith has been an educator and consultant for some 14 years. Today Galbraith announced he will be a fulltime lecturer at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Canada. established itself as a qualified resource for info on all aspects of digital photography. His forums at their […]

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