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2 Photography Books for the Holiday Season

Posted by Robert Edwards on December 27, 2013 in Blog |

Two well respected photographers and experienced authors on Digital Asset Management (DAM) Workflow are Peter Krogh and John Beardsworth, both of whom recently published quite different books on the subject. John’s book, “Digital Photo Workflow made Easy” is compact paperback that, as its title suggests is an easy read. You’re gently guided through best practise […]

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Photography On Top of Sydney Opera House

Posted by Robert Edwards on December 17, 2013 in Blog |

To celebrate the Sydney Opera House 40th anniversary you can purchase one of the 1,056,006 tiles at Then see the view in a 360° panorama from your tile: Commissioned by CyArk in a joint project with the Sydney Opera House we photographed the main sail from 28 locations. Using the same technology as Google Street […]

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10 Common Mistakes in DAM Workflow

Posted by Robert Edwards on December 6, 2013 in Blog | have posted my article, “10 Common Mistakes in DAM Workflow”: Digital Asset Management (DAM) is an often-misunderstood term especially for creatives. It’s not keywords, it’s not backups, it’s not a file browser. But it does cover all of those things. For photographers DAM is how we handle our digital images. Click here to continue reading.

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