What is DAM?
DAM is a term used to describe the practise of handling digital files including digital images. It covers many aspects including file management (file naming, folder structure, RAW file conversion, etc), hardware (computer, storage medium, etc), software (image browser, cataloguing), and methodology (workflow, captioning, etc). There are right and wrong ways to do this. The wrong way will cost you money in lost time and revenue. The right way will increase the your earnings from your existing images. Future-proof your investment today.

Why Simple?
Digital Asset Management can be confusing. We make DAM simple.

DAM need not impede your workflow; in fact it will make your workflow more efficient and secure. Once setup correctly DAM can even work automatically in the background with minimum user intervention. Where DAM really pays dividends is when you need to find an image and actually get a hold of it. DAM can ensure other people know all they need to about your images; copyright, usage, how to contact you, who/what/where of the image, and more.

Start Today
The key to DAM is to start right now. Stop putting off that first step – the sooner you begin the easier and more cost effective it is. DAMsimple has already helped photographers, Government departments, designers, photo libraries, photo agencies and architectural firms implement solid DAM strategies. To sign up for the next workshop contact us now.