Public Relations Photographer


This is not your typical Public Relations Photography case study. For over fifteen years I’ve captured thousands of PR images of events, people, places and products. As the world’s leading graphics software company Adobe wanted to create a PR event to capture the attention of photographers across the world.

Adobe invited photographers from America, Asia Pacific and Europe to field test their professional photography application Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in Tasmania for a two week intensive photography event. Robert Edwards was invited to be a part of the prestigious team at this unique location.

Photographing on location from dawn to dusk (and beyond!) evenings were spent processing images in Lightroom then posting them to social media and blogs. Adobe sent their VP and four of their best engineers to work alongside the photographers. Over two weeks we posted updates from the field from some of the most beautiful and remote locations on the planet.

The photographers pushed the software to its limits, capturing beautiful images and building anticipation for the new software release. Robert Edwards was also commissioned by Adobe to author their Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Whitepaper.

The Adobe Vice President said:

“Robert Edwards’ blend of digital asset management technology knowledge with the experience of a pro photographer has provided me with valuable insights into customer needs around managing assets.”

Winston Hendrickson