I Was A Shi# Photographer

Last century I worked for a short while as a Ship Photographer aboard the P&O Fairstar, a passenger ship that cruised the Pacific and South East Asia. We employed the same photography system used on cruise ships around the world. There were five photographers, one leading the chain of command, each of us with designated … Read more


How Much Image Resolution Is Enough?

When it comes to how much resolution you need for a job start at the end. What is the end use of the images? Are they being used for your website or on a billboard? Or both, or maybe you don’t know? Depending on your answer determines two very important outcomes: How the photographer approaches … Read more

experience counts

Experience Counts

We learn a lot from experience whether that’s a sport, hobby or our profession. Practice really does make perfect. 10,000 hour rule Malcolm Gladwell popularised the idea that it takes ten-thousand hours to master a skill. While often debated the idea behind it is sound: it takes time to become proficient. When tutoring aspiring photographers … Read more

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Does Your Photographer Click?

Like all animals, when we gather humans seem to form cliques and photographers are no different! We form partnerships with clients, colleagues and ancillary professions that can last a lifetime. Loyalty is a mutual benefit that rewards everyone. Having been in the workforce for many decades I quickly came to appreciate teamwork. Working collegially meant … Read more


Aussie Film Industry Leaders

With the Academy Awards on it seemed like a good time to wave the flag for some Aussie companies leading the world. These companies help creatives around the world to tell their client’s stories in new and engaging ways. Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Design equipment and software is used on many Oscar nominated (and winning) films. … Read more

George Lawrence's Giant Camera


If you’re a professional photographer working today, consider yourself a pioneer. Just as the industry changed to dry plate, to roll film and to colour, digital was one of the most significant technological advancements in photography. If not the most significant. The first decade of this century saw the rapid adoption of digital capture. At … Read more

empathetic medical photography

Bedside Manner

Often associated with medical professionals I think the term “bedside manner” can also relate to any service industry. What got me thinking about this is recently spending a week in hospital as a support person for a family member during COVID19. Unfortunately there were some issues including postoperative delirium. I observed two different approaches to … Read more

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1 Year on without Facebook and Twitter

Actually it’s been over two years since I left these social networks. I’ve had this post in draft form for a long time not wanting it to appear as negative or click bait. In summary, I don’t miss Facebook or Twitter. Moving away from Google some things in business are more difficult and cost more. … Read more

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Wrong Colour

Colour photography can be used creatively to influence how an image is perceived. When used intentionally colour can direct viewers attention and emotional response. This is subjective and dependent on the language of photography. The accuracy of colour reproduction is objective and can be measured. When professional photographers used film we would look at many … Read more

Photography isn't a commodity

Photography isn’t a commodity

Sometimes I hear people say photography has been commodified. Often it’s by someone trying to talk down the profession. It depends on what value you attach to photography. The way I see it commodities are objects that can be compared, often on price alone. When I buy table salt I can decide which offers the … Read more