Building & Interiors Photographer


DFS Galleria is the world’s largest and busiest duty free chain. When it came time to update the architectural photographs of their buildings they needed someone discreet enough not to disrupt business, which is virtually 24/7. Robert Edwards was commissioned as the Architecture Photographer of their Australian department stores.

The main Australian DFS stores are along the east coast. For the third time in as many weeks Robert found himself preparing for photography in Far North Queensland, as well as the Gold Coast and Sydney.

Architecture Photography has to be well organised and executed, so as not to disturb customers. Locations and angles were decided after a reconnaissance with each store manager. Pre-production and over 15 years of Architecture Photography experience meant equipment could be kept to a minimum.

Due to the large quantity of high resolution architecture images they were shipped by Fedex. Of the images and service the Global Creative Project Manager at DFS said:

“Received the images yesterday, as you promised! They look awesome!! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job AND for organizing the data in VERY organized way. It really makes our life so much easier.

It has been a pleasure working with you and hope we get to work together again.”

Mika Hirota,