Corporate Photographer


Oracle Corporation publishes two glossy magazines, Oracle and Profit magazines. To reflect the Oracle brand they require the highest quality images. Oracle needed executive headshots of several key people in Australia who were nominated for international awards.

Robert Edwards was selected based on his web portfolio of corporate portraits and headshots. To match the Oracle style required good local knowledge for graphic locations, and elaborate lighting set-ups to match the environments. Locations varied from a tropical rainforest, to a city skyscraper and a suburban street giving context to the each headshot.

The job involved flying to all corners of the country; Sydney, Far North Queensland, Western Australia, and south to the Australian Capital Territory. All personnel, equipment, car hire, flights, accommodation, and other logistics for each headshot were handled by Robert.

With another tight deadline some post-production on the digital images was carried out on location. Of the portraits, the Design Director said:

“Thank you for helping us arrange the photo. You have outdone yourself. They are beautiful. Great job! It’s a pleasure working with you as always.”

Richard Merchan,