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Testing Loyalties (or, DAM, Politics, Religion and Sex)

Posted by Robert Edwards on April 17, 2007 in Blog |

Around the middle of 2007 iView will be no more and the much-loved MediaPro will become Microsoft Expression Media. Microsoft purchased iView Multimedia in June 2006. Recently Microsoft has been quietly informing us that the first version of Expression Media will essentially be the same as the current MediaPro 3. In other words, don’t expect […]

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Aperture or Lightroom = Neither!

Posted by Robert Edwards on April 15, 2007 in Blog |

Apple’s Aperture and Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom introduce a new workflow for photographers. Rather than use two or three separate applications Aperture and Lightroom promise a one-stop-shop. So which one is best? Well, neither. This goes against current trends where most experts are suggesting one of these apps will be the dominant software for photographers in […]

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