5 things GTD & DAM have in common

GTD (Getting Things Done) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) have a lot in common.

Getting Things Done

GTD is a productivity methodology by created by David Allen. It has many layers and almost a religion to some. For professional photographers Allen’s Getting Things Done is one of those must read business books.

DAM is how we safely manage our images from capture through to processing, delivery and archiving. So where’s the similarity with GTD? Well, they both:

  1. Set up a trusted place to store everything so you don’t lose anything
  2. Free you up to be more creative
  3. Improve your productivity
  4. Bring organisation to chaos
  5. And both are TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms!)

I’ll also note that the fabulous Lightroom Queen Victoria Bampton is a long time GTD advocate, often helping on both the GTD forums and the Lightroom forums.