George Lawrence's Giant Camera


Not long ago, our profession relied on film with its allied industries like Polaroids, photo labs and scanning, as well as couriers and others. The photographer seemingly used magic to create an image inside a little box. As a professional we were supremely confident the invisible photograph was not only there, but was exactly what … Read more

empathetic medical photography

Bedside Manner

Often associated with medical professionals I think the term “bedside manner” can also relate to any service industry. What got me thinking about this is recently spending a week in hospital as a support person for a family member during COVID19. Unfortunately there were some issues including postoperative delirium. I observed two different approaches to … Read more

Wrong Colour

Colour photography can be used creatively to influence how an image is perceived. When used intentionally colour can direct viewers attention and emotional response. This is subjective and dependent on the language of photography. The accuracy of colour reproduction is objective and can be measured. When professional photographers used film we would look at many … Read more

professional mirrorless photography

Moving to Mirrorless Cameras

When professional photographers make major changes to their equipment they don’t take the decision lightly. We depend on our gear and clients rely on us to deliver results. Apart from the significant capital expense there are the years of knowledge invested in the idiosyncratic characteristics of each camera and lens. Humans don’t like change The … Read more