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DAM workflow plugin for Adobe Bridge

Posted by Robert Edwards on January 26, 2006 in Blog |

DAM Useful release RapidFixer plugin for Adobe Bridge.

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Posted by Robert Edwards on January 20, 2006 in Blog |

iImport iImport is a freeware Windows application written by Alex Havrylyuk that allows you to import images from remote media source into¬†iView MediaPro 2.6 for Windows. Mac users should look at¬†PicProcessor. iImport can be used even if you don’t have iView MediaPro to bring images from your remote media to hard drive, rename files, sort […]

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Posted by Robert Edwards on January 10, 2006 in Blog |

What is DAM? DAM is a term used to describe the practise of handling digital files including digital images. It covers many aspects including file management (file naming, folder structure, RAW file conversion, etc), hardware (computer, storage medium, etc), software (image browser, cataloguing), and methodology (workflow, captioning, etc). There are right and wrong ways to […]

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