iPhone photography

It’s safe to say the iPhone is the most popular “camera” in the world. At least according photo sharing websites like Flickr. That’s because it’s the most convenient camera when you want to “take” a photo. Your mobile phone is always with you.

“Taking” photos equates to capturing a record of a moment in time. Typically it’s a personal event. It’s a visual diary much like the classic family album. To me these images have the highest value.

For this type of photography the old adage of “the best camera is the one you have with you” rings true. Often that’s your mobile phone (yes, pun intended).

A more “serious” camera is used when you want to “make” a photo. By that I mean when you want to “make” images or video you’ll need a camera that captures the quality, has the more control, more features and options. Creating a photo takes many skills away from the camera including communication, directing, lighting, composing, and working quickly in rapidly changing, unpredictable environments.

While I love to take iPhone photos, when comes to making photos, especially professionally, then I always use a professional camera.