Photographic Guidelines 20th Anniversary

Australian Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines

Digital photography was a revolution at the turn of the century. To help professional photographers, and their clients, in the transition from film, several Australian photographers banded together to create a set of digital photography guidelines.

Working independently, and members of the Society of Australian Commercial & Media Photographers (ACMP), William Long, Robert Edwards, Murray Fredericks, Nick Rains, and Nadish Naoroji, aimed to produce a concise set of recommendations to standardise best practice for digital capture and delivery. Within twelve months we published the Australian Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines (APDIG). The guidelines were endorsed by all major stakeholders in Australian Professional Photography.

Apdig Endorsed

APDIG is just as relevant today. Surprisingly, I still get enquiries on digital photography workflow for emerging professional photographers. Last year, Image Makers Association Australia added their endorsement and include it as a resource for their members.

The authors of the Australian Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines continue share their expertise through photography, fine art, film making, education, and business:

William Long

Robert Edwards

Murray Fredericks

Nick Rains

Nadish Naoroji