Free your SSD from the Cloud in 4 steps

Posted on November 3, 2014

Upgrading a hard drive to a Solid State Drive comes at a cost, not just in dollars but also in storage space. If you use Dropbox (or similar cloud sharing service) like I do to deliver jobs, it eats up a lot of storage space. Once the job is on Dropbox I don’t want it stored on my computer as I already have them safely archived and backed up.

So what I’ve done is change Dropbox preferences so the Public folder is not mirrored to my computer:

Unlink your Dropbox Public folder


To deliver jobs the workflow I use is:

1. I drop them into the local Dropbox folder

2. When Dropbox is synced I open the web interface by clicking on the globe icon

3. From the website I move the job to the Public folder

4. Finally in the Public folder and I copy the link for the client

Dropbox keeps the file in the Public folder online and removes it from my SSD drive.

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