Childcare Marketing Photography

I’ve been commissioned to create image libraries for hundreds of education providers. Here are a few of the most common marketing strategies I’ve worked on for childcare centres. Every centre has a unique key message that differentiates itself from competitors. Those that are part of a larger chain will target the unique benefit that each centre offers. Parents expectations vary and the images I create are aligned with their marketing.

childcare marketing photography

Australia is a successful multicultural country. Some areas have more diversity than others and that can be illustrated in images.

Parents want to give their children the best start in life. For many that means learning starts in early childcare. Learning to read, write, and becoming accustomed to a school routine is important. Images of children learning and their educators are essential.

childcare photographer

Parents expect their child is being cared for. Some centres go beyond that and nurture the children, encouraging resilience and a sense of agency.

professional childcare photographer

Learning to respect and care for the environment can be shown in many ways. Images need to feature this for the audience who value the environment.

childcare marketing photo

Typically it’s a marketing professional who engages me to create a library of images for a childcare centre. They have the experience and research to brief me on what to focus on as a photographer. When approached by an independent centre I can recommend a marketing professional or they can use my decades of experience specialising in creating image libraries for education.