Expression Media 2 SP2 hotfix

Microsoft have a hotfix for Expression Media 2 SP2 nearly ready for release. So far this looks to be the best, most stable build yet for iView/Expression Media.

Expression Media 2 SP2 – don’t update !

Don’t update to Expression Media 2 SP2. While it has a lot of bug fixes this Service Pack introduces more. For example on Windows viewing Nikon Raw files in Media or Light Table causes them to “snap” to scale. While other bugs remain like honouring the rotation of Raw images already in the Catalog or legacy … Read more

Expression Media 2 only $119

Phase One have possibly the best deal for those shopping for Microsoft Expression Media 2. Buy Expression Media online from Phase One for only US$119 (AUS$165). That’s over three times cheaper than some suppliers. Phase One also updated CaptureOne to version 4.6. Lots of performance improvements and updated camera support. The Pro version now supports tethered … Read more

Expression Media 2 SP1 released

Expression Media 2 Service Pack 1 has been released. Get the Windows version here and the Mac version here. Install the service pack on top of Expression Media 2. It fixes many bugs that prevented me recommending the upgrade to version 2, and polishes the user interface. Full details onDavid Sayed’s blog.

iView put to rest

iView Multimedia and the iView products are about to be put to rest once and for all. Email support will cease as of 1 September 2008. In 2006 Microsoft acquired iView which became Expression Media. Thankfully Microsoft will keep the iView forums running

Expression Media 2 released

Microsoft Expression Media 2 has been released. Now this will have a familiar ring to it: don’t update yet. There are several bugs that will make it a no-go for most users. I’m sorry but for a two year update that concentrated on bug fixing this is one feature poor, buggy update!

DAM Workflow Newsletter 4

DNG 1.2 – Updated to version 1.2 Adobe released new specifications for their DNG (Digital NeGative) file format. Now at version 1.2 it has been offered to the ISO as the basis for an international standard camera raw format for camera manufacturers and software vendors. Adobe is also pursuing a DNG format for motion picture. … Read more

QuickTime 7.4 – iView beware

Do not update to QuickTime 7.4. There is a bug that may truncate filenames in iView and Expression Media, causing them to lose their references to images. If you have already updated Apple have older versions here. Windows users uninstall v7.4 via the Control Panel. On Mac the easiset method to install older versions is with Pacifist. The usual … Read more