The art of storytelling

In a world inundated with information, capturing attention has become an art form of its own. Storytelling, once confined to ancient cave paintings and fireside tales has evolved into an integral aspect of modern marketing and communication. While the mediums have changed the essence remains the same – a powerful tool to connect, engage, and … Read more


Aussie Film Industry Leaders

With the Academy Awards on it seemed like a good time to wave the flag for some Aussie companies leading the world. These companies help creatives around the world to tell their client’s stories in new and engaging ways. Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Design equipment and software is used on many Oscar nominated (and winning) films. … Read more

The E-Myth in Video Production

Michael E. Gerber’s business book The E-Myth is now over 30 years old. Much if not all of it is still relevant for those who own businesses today. Part of the book involves systemising and documenting your processes, as if you’re going to franchise your business. To write these manuals you need to have experience in all … Read more

Transfer Video Tape To Digital Now!

Now is the time to start digitising all your video or audio tapes. Why? The Australian National Film and Sound Archive made the year 2025 a hard deadline for transferring magnetic tape to digital. After 2025 many factors compound to make digitisation practically impossible: Obsolesce – equipment to play tapes no longer made or repairable … Read more

Adobe Premiere support grows

If you edit video the industry standard is was Apple Final Cut Pro. That was until Apple dumbed it down with Final Cut X. Since then sales of Adobe video tools grow, according to TUAW. via MediaStorm.

Quoting on Video & Stills

As more photographers (including me) create video along with their stills a gap in best business practice has arisen. A Photo Editor blogger Rob Haggart asked photo buyers to field anonymous questions from professional photographers creating video content. Some interesting answers including usage versus day rate, and stills photographers with DSLR cameras being more efficient … Read more