The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same – AIPP President’s Report

It’s true. While the fine detail may be different, professional photography has undergone many changes over the decades. The AIPP has many experienced members whom I listen to for advice on how they successfully dealt with change, in their own business and as part of the AIPP executive. It gives me perspective to make informed decisions. For instance, articles in The Working Pro by past AIPP National Presidents Eric Victor on commercial photography (issue 172) and Malcolm Mathieson on domestic photography (issue 173) challenge traditional business models and beliefs.

It is ironic that the “Old Garde” is suggesting radical changes while the “Avante-Garde” is up in arms fighting it. I’m not suggesting we take Eric or Malcolm’s words as gospel and I’m sure that was not their intention. They want us to rethink our business in light of today’s market and where we fit in it.

It is human nature to resist change. We crave status quo; the way things were before. But if we choose to remain the same, the world that is always moving forward will leave us behind. Instead of staying still, we are effectively going backwards. We can’t afford to do that in business or art.

If we accept that change is inevitable, then it is how we deal with it that makes the difference between prospering and extinction.

Part of the AIPP National Board’s role is to communicate how the Institute is dealing with change. The Working Pro is one form of communication, as is the eNews you receive by email, AIPP website, AIPP Blog, Facebook, letters, and good old-fashioned face-to-face conversations. You don’t need to keep up with all these forms of communication. At least one or two will ensure you stay up to date.

Communication is two-way. You are encouraged to participate at the AIPP web site, the AIPP Blog, and the AIPP on Facebook.

The AIPP is moving forward with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program and the introduction of theEnthusiasts membership category. The AIPP Blog is the best place to comment on these topics.

You can help shape how these plans are implemented. Already we have changed the Enthusiast Member category to Enthusiast Subscriber. Right now we welcome more of your input on CPD.

To learn how to stay ahead of change I urge you sign up for the Nikon AIPP Event coming up very soon in October. The most interesting and heated discussions will occur during the forums where panels will debate commercial & generalist photography, and domestic photography. You are welcome to participate and share your views at these forums.

The Nikon AIPP event is shaping up to be the biggest photo industry event ever in Australia. Industry leaders from around Australia and the world are talking about change, including convergence video, CGI, and licensing. Learn what is heading your way so you can make your own informed decisions.

Change is also happening at the National Office. Jessica Dean, the AIPP National Office Manager for over six years is moving on. AIPP members, sponsors, the National Board, state councils, APPA, sub-committees and the general public relied on Jess over this time for assistance. Jess has overseen AIPP National as it grew from a sole staff member to four, and membership nearly triple to over 2 700.

Jess is a creative soul who understands the passion we have for our craft. She has shown great strength and wisdom dealing with our industry and the odd characters that inhabit it (of which there are many!) Jess and Marc, we wish you all the best with the next stage in your lives and your exciting new adventure.

Robert Edwards
National President
Australian Institute of Professional Photography