storytelling - scientist

Photography is all about telling a story through an image. It’s an incredibly subjective medium, weighted by its history, the viewers past experience, and the context of where the image is seen. Being fluent in the language of photography requires a visual literacy and having the ability to translate that in a practical way.

storytelling - ceo

Even when it’s recording an event, be that a construction site, product launch, or AGM, each image must tell a individual story, while collectively tell a chapter in the life of that company.

storytelling - nfp

Sometimes that story is as banal as, “This is what I’m having for lunch”.
Other times the story is less explicit, more lyrical. Like a story about a person who has lost everything but not their dignity.

Professional photographers are paid to ensure their clients story is clear and understood. They are visual storytellers using their experience, people skills and technical know-how to illustrate a message. They can’t rely on good weather, happenstance, one-off great photos, or luck.