Professional Photographer

AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer

Finding a professional photographer for your next job has just become a lot easier.

The Australian Government recently recognised what it means to be a “Professional Photographer”. Through the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) nows has a certified symbol, the Accredited Professional Photographer. Similar to accountants and engineers, photographers and their clients now have a acknowledged accreditation standard.

What is a pro photographer and how do you choose one?
Since digital cameras became affordable everyone is a photographer and many claim to be a professional. In an unregulated industry there can be a lot of fly-by-night “cowboys”. It takes more than having the tools to be professional. You need a breadth of skills and experience, full business compliance and adherence to independent, professional standards.

The AIPP has a strict and ongoing accreditation process for its members to become an Accredited Professional Photographer that meets government requirements. When you choose a photographer for your next job make sure they are an Accredited Professional Photographer – and look for the logo: