The Caring Professions

I’ll let you in on a little secret: my favourite clients are those in the caring professions. Meeting the people who change other people’s lives for the better is always an honour.


Being commissioned to photograph and document the working life of nurses, doctors, teachers, surgeons, scientists, carers, those who protect us and many others makes me appreciate what I have. Naturally their patients, clients and students value them even more.

preschool teacher

If you look back at the people who made a difference in your life outside your family I’d wager it’s been someone in one of the caring professions. Relative to the value they give us they’re often underpaid.

special school carerMany times these carers are relatives or volunteers helping their community. Giving back expecting little more than a thank you.

nursing home carer

Perhaps just like a loving parent it’s a thankless task. Unfortunately their chosen vocation will sometimes be a detriment to their health, a heavy price to pay.

Medical Scientist

Then there are the allied professionals working behind the scenes, supporting the frontline workers so that they can concentrate on those in need. Those individuals who do the admin, accounting, cleaning, etc, without whom the whole system comes to a halt.


From my privileged vantage point of witnessing first hand what those caring professionals do – thank you.

medical imaging
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