Visual Problem Solver

Like many other professions a photographer solves problems for their client. We have the experience and skills to help businesses overcome issues allowing clients to concentrate on what they do best.

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Engaging your audience
The most obvious problem a professional photographer can overcome is visual communications. We have the training and knowledge to create images that clearly communicate your message in a professional manner.

Smart phones make it easy to take quick photos and do have a place in some comm strategies. For example, celebrating an award by posting an image on Linkedin shares the joy. For a media release about the award it’s better to use a professional quality image. The latter will show you in a better light, literally. Rather than a photo of you holding the award you could use an image showing what your award was for.


Experienced photographers know how to create images that your clients respond to. Apart from the technical know-how professional photographers understand how posing, light and composition draw viewers attention.


Promoting your brand
Photographers can produce a suite of images consistent with your brand. It gives you a resource to draw on as needed for marketing. Commissioned photography that’s unique to your business helps you connect with your target audience. Often I see the same generic stock images of a Scandinavian family used in marketing healthcare for competing products and services.

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Establishing leadership
Illustrate your message to your community. A custom image library created by a professional reinforces your key messages. They can be repurposed for use in newsletters, social media, corporate communications, annual reports and more.

Content is king
Whether it’s photography, words or video having a bank of resources takes the stress out finding content for your ongoing communications. With a library of images, custom made just for your brand, your audience will associate them with your business.