Loving Your Job

The best way I know to avoid work is to do what you love. Having a passion for your career, creates a life of purpose and pleasure.

In researching this post many people suggested that following your passion and making it your career, is either not possible or simply a mistake. They argue that once you turn your hobby into a career, your hobby becomes a chore that no longer brings the joy it once did. Fortunately, that hasn’t been my experience.

american airlines tourism photography

While I enjoy the mechanics of photography, the gadgets and ‘toys’, for me, like so many other photographers, it’s the people and places that have sustained the passion for my career. The constant challenge of capturing the unique essence of each essential, talented and inspiring person in a fraction of time, is a challenge that continues to compel a photographer to hone their skills and perfect their craft.

No job is ever boring as a professional photographer, but the rewards of my profession go far beyond simply making a great image. Many of the people I’ve been introduced to as a professional photographer have become lifelong friends. Just like a family, it’s the shared experience that drives the connection. From clients to colleagues to suppliers, we build on a common interest with purpose and mutual respect.

magazine photography asia

One of the perks of professional photography is being commissioned to photograph interesting people in amazing places. I’ve been fortunate to meet people from all walks of life and a vast array of career paths, from leaders of countries to celebrities to grassroots community workers. My passion and professionalism remain a constant and steers me to deliver the best results with calm nerves. The exception being when I’m in the presence of photographers whose work I’ve long admired!

Submarine photography on Sydney Harbour

Professional photography can be a passport to access areas few people get to see or experience. From submarines to cockpits, from 2km underground in a mine to the top of an Opera House.

Photography on top of the Sydney Opera House

In hindsight, I wouldn’t change a thing and decades later, the passion for my career as a professional photographer, remains a constant motivator.