Aperture or Lightroom = Neither!

Apple’s Aperture and Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom introduce a new workflow for photographers. Rather than use two or three separate applications Aperture and Lightroom promise a one-stop-shop. So which one is best? Well, neither. This goes against current trends where most experts are suggesting one of these apps will be the dominant software for photographers in … Read more

PMA Australia 2007

PMA Australia 2007 Robert Edwards will be presenting two free talks at the ACMP Huddles (stand 1027). At 1.00pm Saturday 5 May 2007 Robert will be discussing the Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines (UPDIG) and the benefits of Digital Standards. Then at 11.00am Sunday 6 May 2007 there will be a sneak peek at new … Read more

ImageIngester Pro released

Marc Rochkind has released ImageIngester Pro, his image download application for Mac and Windows.

iView MediaPro 3.1.3 update

iView releases MediaPro 3.1.3. This update supports new cameras and fixes bugs introduced in v3.1.2 five months ago.

Lightroom release date

Adobe have announced Lightroom will be released 19 February 2007 at an initial price of US$199. Lightroom does not offer enough DAM features to replace applications like iView MediaPro. Lightroom is an alternative to Adobe Bridge for photographers.

DAM Workflow videos

DAMuseful have released a set of training videos. They demonstrate Peter Krogh’s workflow as outlined in his DAM Book.

PicProcessor 2 for Mac released

Peter Attanasio’s free PicProcessor AppleScript has been updated to version 2. It automatically downloads images from flash cards, annotates and creates iView Catalogs.

iView MediaPro 3.1.2 update

Some bugs have been discovered in View MediaPro 3.1.2 Hold off for version 3.1.3 to be released shortly.