Bibble acquired by Corel

Bibble Labs who make the multi-platform raw conversion software Bibble were recently purchased by Corel. A post in the Bibble forums informs users an official announcement will be made at CES next week. Bibble was the first alternative photographers had to the expensive and/or limited raw conversion software available from camera manufacturers. I began using Bibble in … Read more

Bibble 5 released

Bibble Labs have released Bibble 5 after 4 years of development. Integrating DAM it can work with multiple catalogs and/or as a folder browser. Bibble 5 works on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Network speed with Raw files

While this is not news recently I’ve found network speed a real pain to deal with using image browsers. Even on a Gb network opening and zooming high megapixel RAW files is slow. Now I use catalog apps for a first look at images instead of an image browser. The catalog app (Expression Media 2.01, … Read more

DAM Workflow Newsletter 4

DNG 1.2 – Updated to version 1.2 Adobe released new specifications for their DNG (Digital NeGative) file format. Now at version 1.2 it has been offered to the ISO as the basis for an international standard camera raw format for camera manufacturers and software vendors. Adobe is also pursuing a DNG format for motion picture. … Read more