Tips For Attending A Photography Conference

Photography Conference
National Photography Conference

I’ve been attending photography conferences for decades, both as an attendee and as a presenter. As a professional event photographer I’ve also covered all types of conferences for corporate clients.

Some Do’s And Don’ts For Attending

  • Do register early online. Using a service like the Eventbrite platform makes it easy for attendees and organisers.
  • Do research the speakers and events. There may be some you hadn’t considered.
  • Do allow downtime to rest. It can be tiring give yourself a break.
  • Do clear your calendar so you and your clients aren’t disappointed.
  • Do change your voice mail/ email autoresponder to let people know you’re temporarily unavailable.
  • Do allow time to browse the equipment expo.
  • Do allocate time to see any new or specialist gear you.really want to see. Often it’s not available for hands on demo at any other time.
  • Don’t forget the social events. Often you can meet presenters 1 on 1.
  • Don’t bring too much. Pack light so your can take your stuff with you everywhere.
  • Don’t be shy in asking questions.

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What Items To Bring

  • Print your ticket to save queuing at the event.
  • Water & snacks to keep you going.
  • Business cards and lots of them.
  • Your mobile phone and charger.
  • Small satchel or backpack to keep everything together.
  • Pen & paper to take notes.

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What Presentations To Attend

  • You can’t attend every presentation so choose carefully.
  • Are there areas you need to improve on, gaps in your knowledge?
  • Look for a presenter you always wanted to see. Often they’re the keynote speaker.
  • Information on cutting edge ideas, styles, techniques, equipment, etc.
  • Include some content for your Continuing Professional Development.

Photography conferences are a great way to learn, network and socialise with your industry. You can cram maybe a years worth of experience into just a few days. Please share your tips on LinkedIn for attending conferences.