Does Your Photographer Click?

NSW teachers

Like all animals, when we gather humans seem to form cliques and photographers are no different! We form partnerships with clients, colleagues and ancillary professions that can last a lifetime. Loyalty is a mutual benefit that rewards everyone.

Having been in the workforce for many decades I quickly came to appreciate teamwork. Working collegially meant working cohesively.

On the job leaving behind egos produced the best outcomes: excellence, efficiency and esteem. Clients enjoy working with professionals when the group as a whole “clicks”. Most professional creatives are gregarious and want to do their absolute best for the team.

Networking with colleagues, suppliers and competitors not only breaks down barriers it creates opportunities. We learn from one another and support each other in times of need. I belong to an informal network that support each other in case of illness, double bookings, or when urgent jobs arise.

Someone recently said because I go to great lengths to help people I must have Irish blood (yes I do). However all the people I click with have the same attitude so I always look forward to working with them.