Perspective and photography

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Running a commercial photography business requires a unique set of skills and knowledge, but one of the most important factors for success is perspective. Just like how a wide angle lens allows a photographer to capture a broader scope of a scene, having a wide range of experiences in the industry can provide a broader understanding of the field.

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When starting out in the commercial photography it can be easy to get caught up in the technical aspects of the craft, such as understanding different camera settings and lighting techniques. However as a photographer gains more experience they begin to understand the importance of the bigger picture. They learn how to anticipate the needs of clients, how to effectively communicate with a team and how to navigate the business side of the industry.

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On the other hand a telephoto lens allows a photographer to zoom in on a specific subject and blur out a distracting background. Visually they compress perspective so a photographer can make a scene such as events appear at full capacity. Similarly as a photographer gains experience they also develop the ability to focus in on specific aspects of a project and not be distracted by the technical side. They learn how to hone in on the details and give the subject their full attention. A seasoned professional will use their skills and knowledge effectively to achieve the desired results for the client to make the final images stand out.

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Professional practice in commercial photography gives a photographer the ability to see the bigger picture, as well as the ability to focus in on the details that matter. This perspective is crucial for success in running a successful business, as it allows a photographer to anticipate the needs of clients and make informed decisions that will lead to happy clients and repeat business.

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Experience is a key element of running a successful commercial photography business. It provides a photographer with a broader understanding of the field, as well as the ability to focus in on the details that matter. Just as a photographer uses different lenses to achieve different perspectives, the more experiences you have, the more perspective you will gain in running a sustainable commercial photography business.