Lightroom 3.3 Release Candidate

Adobe announced the Lightroom 3.3 Release Candidate along with Camera Raw 6.3 and the DNG Converter 6.3. This release also introduces the Adobe Lens Profile Downloader.  The Lens Profile Downloader  is a free companion application to Photoshop CS5, Photoshop Lightroom … read more

Capture One 5 released

Phase One have released Capture One 5. Improved image quality and new workflow improvement like the Skin Tone Enhancer (Pro version only) and Focus Mask are some highlights. No DAM improvements though: Capture One doesn’t offer full support for DNG and … read more

Adobe Camera Raw 5.4 update

Adobe have a release candidate for Camera Raw 5.4 at Adobe Labs with Lightroom 2.4 to follow. More cameras and digital backs are supported but more interesting is the new DNG 1.3 specifications (not yet published). Since my colleague Peter Krogh has let … read more

DAM Workflow Newsletter 8

Archiving If you are at all interested in revisiting your images sometime in the future this edition is for you. The DAM Book – Second Edition Peter Krogh has published the second edition of The DAM Book, Digital Asset Management … read more

Adobe Lightroom 2.1, ACR 5.1 and DNG 5.1 released

A swag of updates from Adobe. Lightroom version 2.1 is out of beta and officially released for Windows and Mac. Camera Raw 5.1 for Photoshop CS4 and its companion DNG Converter 5.1 were also updated, Windows here and Mac here. Alternatively use Adobe Updater … read more

DNG 1.2 released

Adobe announced the update for DNG to version 1.2. Some features were hinted at in our MetaRAW article last year. Adobe have offered DNG to the ISO for a standardised camera RAW file format. Lot’s of good stuff in DNG 1.2 … read more

Lightroom 1.4 – Don’t update!

Yet another “do not update”; this time to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.4 and Adobe Camera Raw 4.4. There are serious bugs for DNG users who update their settings, as well some quirks with Olympus JPEG images and EXIF capture date. Adobe have … read more