Can I colour calibrate my iPad?

You can only judge image quality if the screen you’re viewing is properly calibrated with a hardware device. Calibration combines a hardware puck with software that flashes known colour values to create a colour profile of your screen. Datacolor and Pantone are the best known brands. With prices starting under $100 it’s a no-brainer for … Read more

Battle for the Cloud

Apple and Adobe make great products. But they have very different approaches to making their applications work in the cloud. Apple will abandon all to make a new and better product. Adobe will forego features to ensure legacy products are supported. Apple Photos With the latest iOS/Mac OSX update Apple have updated/released their new Photos … Read more

OpenRAW 10 Years

Imagine if you were no longer able to look at your family albums. Or some of Ansel Adams images began to disappear. And the news photos that recorded the history of humanity were lost. D1scussion was a mailing list by Juergen Specht for professional Nikon users. In early 2005 the list saw a growing concern … Read more

Happy 25th Birthday Photoshop

Brothers Thomas and John Knoll created Photoshop in 1990 for graphic designers, at a time when “electronic” photography was in its infancy and video was still analog. At George Lucas Industrial Light & Magic studio John saw the potential for digital special effects in the 1980s. As a software engineer Thomas was able to realise this … Read more

Free your SSD from the Cloud in 4 steps

Upgrading a hard drive to a Solid State Drive comes at a cost, not just in dollars but also in storage space. If you use Dropbox (or similar cloud sharing service) like I do to deliver jobs, it eats up a lot of storage space. Once the job is on Dropbox I don’t want it stored … Read more

Extensis release DAM app Portfolio 1.0

Wait a minute, wasn’t Portfolio last at version 11.2? Yes but Extensis have dropped Server from the name as they now only offer server versions. So the latest version is listed as a 1.0 release because for all intent it’s a new product, albeit with familiar interface and add ons. Extensis Portfolio is a DAM … Read more

Photoshop Photography Program

Adobe have a special price of $9.99/month on Creative Cloud for photographers who want Lightroom and Photoshop. Click here for the details that include: Photoshop CC Lightroom 5 20GB of online storage Behance ProSite Access to training resources on Creative Cloud Learn Ongoing updates and upgrades This limited time offer is available for anyone until … Read more

Radio 88.7FM Interview follow up

A follow up radio interview from last weeks episode where I was invited by David Peach to discuss photography and digital asset management along with fellow photographer Eden Connell. Below is the recording from the second episode. Episode Two [44:28]: This week we discuss specific programs including Phase One Media Pro, Adobe Lightroom and Extensis … Read more