Lightroom Loves SSD

Apart from upgrading your computer RAM, adding a SSD drive will improve your Adobe Photoshop Lightroom experience tenfold. If you find Lightroom sluggish invest in a SSD. With 120GB prices under $75 costs have dropped to almost a third of what they were a few years ago. SSD (Solid State Drives) work much like a … Read more

Photoshop Photography Program

Adobe have a special price of $9.99/month on Creative Cloud for photographers who want Lightroom and Photoshop. Click here for the details that include: Photoshop CC Lightroom 5 20GB of online storage Behance ProSite Access to training resources on Creative Cloud Learn Ongoing updates and upgrades This limited time offer is available for anyone until … Read more

Radio 88.7FM Interview follow up

A follow up radio interview from last weeks episode where I was invited by David Peach to discuss photography and digital asset management along with fellow photographer Eden Connell. Below is the recording from the second episode. Episode Two [44:28]: This week we discuss specific programs including Phase One Media Pro, Adobe Lightroom and Extensis … Read more

Radio 88.7FM interview

A few weeks ago I was invited by David Peach onto a local radio show to discuss photography and digital asset management along with fellow photographer Eden Connell. We discussed many topics including DAM best practise and protecting photographers rights. Here’s a recording from the show. Episode One [51:04]: A basic overview of Digital Asset Management, why … Read more

7 Step Workflow for Adobe Lightroom 5

Inspired by Derrick Story’s 7 Step Workflow for Apple Aperture, here’s one for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. Firstly, Lightroom was designed to be used from left to right (Library > Develop > output), and from top to bottom on the right hand panel within these modules. So in Develop for example you would go from … Read more

Lightroom 5 released

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 is now available for purchase. See my favourite new features here. After user “feedback” (read, “fallout”) Lightroom can be purchased both by subscription and download. Adobe are also hinting at a big Creative Cloud app update for June.

Lightroom 5 Public Beta

Adobe released a public beta of Photoshop Lightroom 5. Most improvements this round are focussed on retouching. Some new key features: Advanced Healing Brush While the Clone Stamp tool can retouch spots using a circular brush the new tool allows freeform shapes. Trace an object you want removed and have Lightroom replace it with surrounding … Read more

Adobe Camera Raw Updates

Adobe have released Adobe Camera Raw 7.2 and Lightroom 4.2 that add more camera and lens support as well general bug fixes. The DNG 1.4 spec has also been updated. Adobe DNG is designed as a safer alternative to preserving camera raw files as it’s documented and can be licensed by third party vendors much … Read more