Why Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Rules

Lightroom is undoubtedly the world’s leading raw photography workflow application. But why does it dominate the market when competing products can produce better results? It’s Adobe Firstly it’s made by Adobe who have led the graphics software market for over 25 years. Adobe’s software has been entrenched in the majority of creatives workflows, formal education, … Read more

20 Years of Professional Digital Photography

Back in 1996 one of my first professional digital photography assignments was for Qantas. Commissioned by an ad agency the brief was to create a visual catalog for Qantas. The printed book would assist ground staff replenishing aircraft to identify anything from a souvenir tie pin to a food trolley and was for use at … Read more

5 Tips for Corporate Portraits

Corporate portraits take a little preparation. Here are a few tips, in no particular order: 1. Early in the week People feel better and look fresher at the beginning of the week. By Friday the week can takes it’s toll! Try to book a photography session before Thursday. 2. Consistent style Your corporate image includes … Read more

Happy 25th Birthday Photoshop

Image courtesy Adobe Brothers Thomas and John Knoll created Photoshop in 1990 for graphic designers, at a time when “electronic” photography was in its infancy and video was still analog. At George Lucas Industrial Light & Magic studio John saw the potential for digital special effects in the 1980s. As a software engineer Thomas was able … Read more

Lightroom Loves SSD

Apart from upgrading your computer RAM, adding a SSD drive will improve your Adobe Photoshop Lightroom experience tenfold. If you find Lightroom sluggish invest in a SSD. With 120GB prices under $75 costs have dropped to almost a third of what they were a few years ago. SSD (Solid State Drives) work much like a … Read more

Photoshop Photography Program

Adobe have a special price of $9.99/month on Creative Cloud for photographers who want Lightroom and Photoshop. Click here for the details that include: Photoshop CC Lightroom 5 20GB of online storage Behance ProSite Access to training resources on Creative Cloud Learn Ongoing updates and upgrades This limited time offer is available for anyone until … Read more

Adobe Creative Cloud updated apps

 Today Adobe released their newest version of the Creative Suite. Now known as Creative Cloud apps they include Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, etc. Some of the new features in Photoshop CC include improved sharpening and upsizing tools. Have a look at Camera Shake reduction. The new Adobe Camera Raw 8 works in Layers! Camera Raw … Read more

Adobe says: No box for you!

Adobe announce future Creative Suite apps will be only available via Creative Cloud. No more boxed items or perpetual licenses. You can license Adobe apps monthly or yearly. Lightroom 5 will be excluded. Like Apple’s App Store this seems to be the way of the future for software delivery. More info here:

Adobe Camera Raw Updates

Adobe have released Adobe Camera Raw 7.2 and Lightroom 4.2 that add more camera and lens support as well general bug fixes. The DNG 1.4 spec has also been updated. Adobe DNG is designed as a safer alternative to preserving camera raw files as it’s documented and can be licensed by third party vendors much … Read more

Adobe Creative Suite CS6 and Creative Cloud

With Creative Suite CS6 officially released today Adobe have lifted the lid (or cloud?) on Creative Cloud. The latter is a subscription service for CS6 apps, pay per month or annually from $19.99/month. Like the Apple App Store now Adobe can offer their dominant suite of apps via the web. You will still be able to (pre)order … Read more